Will CBD make me high?

No, it will not. CBD does not give you the high feeling you get from THC in marijuana. All of the nuvita products only contain 0.3% THC or less.

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How long until I can feel the effects of CBD?

It’s different for everyone, but most people will feel the wave of calm about 30 minutes after taking.

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How do I chose which amount of mg to use?

The mg on the front of the CBD bottle is just an indication of the volume of the product. nuvita CBD products are available in different sizes, and all them are the same strength – you are just choosing a big bottle or small bottle of the same oil. Quantity over concentration.

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Are nuvita CBD products gluten-free?

Yes! All nuvita CBD products are gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free! They are 100% organic and vegan for your peace of mind.

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Can I take CBD while pregnant or nursing?

Please consult your physician.

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Can I give CBD to my children?

Due to a lack of research in the long-term effects of CBD in minors, nuvita, nor any other CBD manufacturer may not legally recommend products to anyone under the age of 21. We recommend consulting your physician for guidance.

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What are the differences between the nuvita CBD formulas?

CBD – this is nuvita’s most popular starter oil for those new to CBD. It has the widest therapeutic range, reduces inflammation in the body, and shows promise in treating mood disorders and depression.

CBG – known as the ‘stem cell’ of all cannabinoids, with less than 1% of CBG naturally occurring in cannabis plants. This formula is geared towards your gut health and aids those suffering from IBS. CBG enhances brain function and also works as a great acne spot treatment.

CBN – nuvita’s “Sleep formula” formula. Because of the stronger sedative effects of CBN, it also makes for a great natural pain reliever and helps treat severe mood disorders and/or depression.

THC Free – your go-to formula for workplaces with a zero-tolerance rule who require drug testing. This is also great for topicals and serums.

Pet – CBD formulated specifically for your furry friends. It reduces anxiety due to vet visits, car rides, fireworks. Helps with restlessness, irritability & seizures. Also a powerful anti-inflammatory for pets with chronic pain who need immediate relief.

CBD oil information
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